Duda Melzer Puts His Own Stamp On Family Enterprise

Duda Melzer whose full name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the current leader of Grupo RBS, a company that his family started about 60 years ago. He grew up watching its former leaders turn it into one of Brazil’s highest professional media management corporations and has its current CEO and Chairman he hopes to build … [Read more…]

Larkin & Lacey: Civil Rights

Civil rights groups have been engaged in immense and sometimes intense campaigns to voice out issues that concern the human race. As such, they have grown, and continue to mushroom every so often. Several countries today credit the expansion of their social, economic and political spaces to actions spearheaded by civil rights groups. Whereas some … [Read more…]

Propelling Swiss Businesses to Greater Heights, Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned businessman. His approach to business management and development is outstanding as he values professionalism. Mr. Baur is not your average entrepreneur. He has extensive experience and understands the sacrifices that come with running a successful company. Additionally, he knows about the different business models. This enables him to direct enterprises … [Read more…]

Brian Torchin Helps The Medical Field

Finding a job can be very difficult. This is no exception to the medical field. In fact, the medical field can be even more difficult since the jobs aren’t always listed online for everyone to see. Brian Torchin created his own company, HCRC Staffing to help employers find reliable and hard working employees. He discovered … [Read more…]

Copa Star Works for Patients

As the newest hospital in a long string of Brazillian healthcare offices, Copa Star has been able to provide people with all of the amenities that they need during their stay in the hospital. It has been a huge help for people who are working to make sure that they can get what they want … [Read more…]

Major Development Projects Initiated by Boraie Development LLC

The real estate industry in New Brunswick has transformed over the years thanks to various development projects initiated by Boraie Development LLC. This company has developed sophisticated residential apartments to provide residents with lifestyle they deserve. The Aspire is one of the best apartments in New Brunswick developed by Boraie. The building has beautiful studios … [Read more…]

Betsy DeVos: A Phenomenal Woman and Leader

Elizabeth DeVos, commonly known as Betsy, is a role model to many young women. She has achieved success in the public service and also in the political world. Betsy has attracted a lot of success in the last couple of months because of her new job. She is the current Secretary of Education of the … [Read more…]