Brian Torchin Helps The Medical Field

Finding a job can be very difficult. This is no exception to the medical field. In fact, the medical field can be even more difficult since the jobs aren’t always listed online for everyone to see.

Brian Torchin created his own company, HCRC Staffing to help employers find reliable and hard working employees. He discovered how difficult it can be to find a job working in medicine while he was working in an office himself. HCRC Staffing is an online tool to help offices fill positions quickly and efficiently.

The employer just sends the request to the website for what position they are looking to fill and within a couple of days the office will get many qualified applications.

The benefit of using this staffing company that Brian Torchin created is to make it easier to fill positions with the employer and help potential employees find work faster. The employer won’t have to wait long to fill the spot and won’t have to interview many people to find the right person. They don’t even have to pay up front. HCRC Staffing doesn’t get paid unless the employer hires someone that they referred.

Another service that Brian Torchin offers is professional consulting. He has successfully started many medical offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. With his knowledge and success of starting up medical offices, Brian now offers advice on how to start offices, marketing your office, staffing issues, and legal questions. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

HCRC Staffing is available in all 50 States. If the practice isn’t in the states, they will also assist you in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. They offer extended hours during the week and are available for a while on the weekend to make sure the needs of clients are met.

This company has helped many offices and has had many good reviews. Brian Torchin has created an easier way for employers to find new employees quickly and efficiently. The professional consulting can also help keep the office running smoothly and take some stress out of starting new offices.

This knowledge and staffing company could really help any medical office weather they have been established for years or are just getting started.

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