How Fabletics is Redefining How You Buy Clothing

When it comes to purchasing clothing, many people find it can be a hassle trying to find exactly where their product is located. Online stores carry a product that may not be available in-store, while physical stores may not carry what is available online. This method of shopping doesn’t make for an intuitive or an … [Read more…]

Fabletics Re-invents the Showrooming Concept to Edge Out Competition in the E-Commerce Fashion Market

Fabletics is in competition with fashion trailblazers such as Amazon who dominate a huge chunk of the e-commerce market. Fabletics understands that strategy paired with knowledge of value is significant in growing their “activewear” movement.   Understanding Value   Brands have historically been perceived as valuable because of the price and quality of their goods … [Read more…]

WEN By Chaz: The Thoughtful No Lather Shampoo Alternative

Beauty products and their routines change from decade to decade, but for some strange reason, shampoos and conditioners stubbornly never seemed to evolve until Wen hair came along. West coast stylist Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair, its structure and how it responds to products. That’s why he carefully developed his world-famous WEN By Chaz … [Read more…]

Fabletics | Work Out in Style

When looking for a sports apparel, there are many things that go, including the brand. You want to get something that is affordable yet high in quality and stylish. For the longest time there was no brand in the market that could offer consumers all this in the market, at least not until the emergency … [Read more…]