Cotemar Company the Largest Oil Firm in Mexico

When listing Mexican companies in the oil fields, Cotemar S.A. DE C.V. Mexico can’t be left behind. The establishment of the company was in 1979 in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. Its services run from development, maintenance and rehabilitation of offshore oil fields. Moreover, it provides catering and accommodation services besides facilitating transport vessels and specialized services. They have successfully provided high-quality maritime services, petroleum services, offshore construction, offshore maintenance, and skilled maintenance. Cotemar specializes in technological advancement and modernization of customers’ processing centers through offshore installation and assembly. It’s a marine industry and deals with the transportation of less dense commodities and food. The enterprise has expanded its services to tow ships, fire-fighting services. Regarding catering, the company engages in food preparation, ironing, washing, and bedding services. The vessel cabins are endowed with luxurious facilities that range from the pool, gym, sporting grounds, and other entertainment facilities.

For Cotemar to serve it clients well and honor its obligations to customers, the company has focused well on few customer-related issues. First, Cotemar is guided by business ethics. The staffs are required to value socio-economic and environment commitments. Secondly, the company carries its operation with a responsibility of taking care of the environment. In meeting the environmental bylaws, the company tries their best to minimize adverse environmental effects during its operations. On the community part, it plays its responsibility of creating jobs, health enhancement and promotion of culture and sports. The company also has treated their employees well by even giving them quality off days from work. Lastly, the company’s staff are of high quality, educated and highly trained individuals. Cotemar offers in-service training to its employees to familiarize them with the modern advancements. The safety of the staffs is their priority as they monitor the fleets after inspections.

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