Dr. Cameron Clokie Offers Valuable Tips For Mouth Hygiene When On Vacation

Keeping your teeth clean while traveling can improve the quality of your trip. Cameron Clokie is an oral surgeon who gave some excellent tips. He stressed the importance of packing two extra toothbrushes and recommends keeping one close always.

Since hotels can be a distance away water bottles and packages of toothpaste are also important. Since bacteria thrives under moist conditions toothbrushes must be kept dry. A wet toothbrush can cause unwanted diseases and destroy any trip.

Dr. Cameron Clokie believes nothing is more important than having mouthwash and dental floss. This allows for difficult areas to be cleaned prior to brushing.

A backup plan is important and you should know where backup products are available for purchase in case your original products become lost.

Although many individuals believe chewing gum is detrimental to teeth this is a myth.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron Clokie says the only gum bad for teeth contains a lot of sugar and sugar free gum stimulates saliva, helps cleanse dentures, and is good for teeth. He additionally recommends sugarless candies containing extracts and green tea.

Many people eventually travel to a third world country and become exposed to health issues they can’t control.

Although you can drink the tap water in America this is unsafe in numerous nations. Dr. Cameron recommends brushing teeth with bottled water instead to prevent any exposure to unsafe bacteria.

Making certain the food trucks and restaurants you eat at are clean is imperative. Places including South America and Mexico have establishments that may appear appealing but are hazardous and can’t be trusted. When you enter a restaurant, and see any red flags leaving will prevent unwanted bacterial issues.

Crunchbase revealed that These tips provided by Dr. Cameron Clokie will allow you to stay clean and safe when you take a vacation especially if you are headed to a third world country. The dental hygiene you practice can remain very close to what you do when at home.

Always remember you may encounter situations you are unable to effectively control. This can be common if you are vacationing in a country you have never visited before.

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