How Fabletics is Redefining How You Buy Clothing

When it comes to purchasing clothing, many people find it can be a hassle trying to find exactly where their product is located. Online stores carry a product that may not be available in-store, while physical stores may not carry what is available online. This method of shopping doesn’t make for an intuitive or an enjoyable experience and often results in the customer becoming frustrated. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics chose to change that in an innovative new approach that puts the customer – not the product – at the heart of the buying experience. Fabletics encourages a memorable shopping experience by using a combination of a “reverse showroom” technique, an innovative membership system, and accessibility to the product. The company specializes in comfortable active wear that members can subscribe to, adding to the buying experience in a big way. However, what is revolutionary about Fabletics is the reverse showroom, which combines the convenience of online shopping with the customer service you get at physical stores. The online showroom offers memberships and subscriptions to their favorite looks. From there, customers can order online or go directly to a store to try it on first. Memberships also give great rewards, which is why the idea is appealing to many consumers.


While online shopping is deemed a detriment to brick-and-mortar stores, the opposite is true for Fabletics. By integrating online and offline shopping choices, they have created an environment that puts the shopping experience into the hands of the customers to shop how they want, instead of being forced to go one way or the other. Whether the client purchases their product online or in the store, Fabletics recognizes that the customer is in control of the buying experience, not the company, and as a result leaves the consumer more relaxed and comfortable with their purchase.


Becoming a VIP at Fabletics ensures that you are in control of your purchase. When you sign up, you are taken to a survey that learns what kind of workouts you do, as well as your preferred workout attire. This survey then takes your answers and generates a new outfit for you every month. It’s fully customized to fit you, so if you are in the market for workout clothes but not sure where to start, take the survey and watch as suggestions roll in. There is no monthly fee for joining, and outfits that are curated to you are relatively inexpensive (clocking in at under $60 for 2 -3 pieces). The high-quality garments are sure to last you a while, even if they sometimes run small. Overall, it’s an intuitive shopping experience that should be tried out for anyone that loves good workout clothes.

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