Livio Bisterzo And The Marvelous Taste Of Hippeas

The world of flavor has been enhanced with Hippeas’s newest addition of Organic Chickpea Puffs. Now available in the United States this tasty snack is expected to change the way people snack. These tasty delights are actually better for your body but don’t miss out on the flavor mark.

The taste of this snack is light yet still has a nice crunch. Its hard to believe how much fiber and protein they contain. They are organic with no gluten and are kosher and vegan. Every serving gives your body four grams of protein and three grams of fiber. Anyone who demands taste and the highest quality ingredients will love these puffs. Hippeas are made of chickpeas and they have been certified as organic through the USDA.

Currently there are six delicious flavors available. Far Out Fajita has spice and fire. Made with paprika, chili and cumin this flavor is sure to wake up your taste buds. Pepper power contains just a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper. They pack quite the flavor punch. Happenin Hickory is a marvelous combination of garlic, sweet tomato, onion and hickory. For those with a sweet tooth Maple Haze is both sweet and savory. Vegan White Cheddar is cheese at its best without the actual cheese. Finally Sriracha Sunshine is sweetly spiced with paprika and jalapenos.

Hippeas follows a different philosophy. They believe good taste and healthy can be the same thing. Their plan is to change the way people snack one little pea at a time. They even have a partnership with Farm Africa and are fighting the war to stop hunger. Every pack they sell benefits rural eastern Africa.

Livio Bisterzo came from a background in marketing. When he founded Green Park Holdings his entrepreneurial career paid off. The company specializes in nutrition and health.

The brand of Hippeas was launched in 2016. Bisterzo feels Hippeas will become the next snack loved throughout the world. He stated that being affordable, tasty and better for the health of the body is a winning combination. Anyone who has tried this snack knows he is probably right. When given a choice between two snacks with equal taste and knowing one is healthy and the other is not makes the choice easy.

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  1. Elliana Rhys

    They are building a portfolio based on natural foods that are good for the body. They want to see a positive change in peoples behavior with a social impact that will last. This is also the same reaosn why may have been able to have everything done for them swiftly which is very possible too.

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