About Malcolm CasSelle
Malcolm CasSelle is the current Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Asset Exchange commonly referred to as WAX. This firm is currently the leading company that deals with the selling and buying of video games online. Malcolm CasSelle had also worked with some of the big companies like Zynga, Facebook and some other companies related to Bitcoins where he was an early investor when the companies started.

His Career
Mr. CasSelle worked as the head Vice President and also the General Manager of SeaChange International. Before working for SeaChange Company, Malcolm worked as the Chief executive Officer of MediaPass which is an online company that offers solutions to restricted internet access and enabling them to generate revenues that are subscription based for the digital media. In addition to that, he also worked as the head of a firm known as Xfire which is an international social network for video game players with the company registering over 20 million users.

When he started his career, Malcolm CasSelle became one of the founders of Pacific Century Cyberworks which was a Telco utility provider and a firm that was being traded publicly. The headquarters of the company is in Hong Kong, and it is being estimated to be worth around $35 billion.

His Education Background
Malcolm graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University where he got a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science respectively. In addition to that, Malcolm CasSelle can communicate in Mandarin and Japanese.

About Worldwide Asset Exchange
This is a company that is leading in selling assets for online video games. With over 400 million users, the WAX firm ensures that all its players are well taken care of and are satisfied with the services. The simple exchange widget that has been included by the company has made it possible for gamers to have avenues where they can access the global market with transaction verification and blockchain trust.

With the platform that has been set by the company, millions of those transacting business are allowed to create a virtual store in a decentralized area. This service has been seen to be able to enable users to make instant payments, provide security, it has united people, and finally, it has also offered trust services that will allow people to participate in the virtual environment.

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