Roberto Santiago Is A Brazilian With The Respect Of His People For Great Accomplishments.

Mr. Roberto Santiago is a very famous and outstanding entrepreneur in Brazil. He owns one of the largest shopping centers in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. The mall is so big that it is the size of a small city and is thought of as being the largest mall in the entire Brazilian nation. Roberto found his fame at the young age of 30 when he established the mall back in 1989. Now, he is 58 and understands that many generations will find happiness in the offers from his gigantic construction.

Roberto started off early as a writer of a blog on the internet from his vast knowledge of Brazil, his native country. His extremely interesting articles gained him a large amount of followers and much respect. He is also an accomplished director and producer. However his largest successful venture is the Manaira Shopping center which is located in Joao Pessoa and is easy to reach by the majority of citizens from that city, which is the capital city of Paraiba.

They carry jewelry, furniture, books, clothing, banks, gyms, theaters, bowling alleys and so much more that is truly hard to fathom such as areas devoted to teaching university studies. Read more articles on

Almost everyone in the state chosen to do their shopping at Manaira as it is a one-stop location for everyone’s needs. There are also beautiful gardens, massive food courts, numerous bars and a fanciful variety of restaurants with food offered by Chefs. The manaira mall is considered to be a focal point for entertainment. It has 11 highly advanced cinemas, each with modern equipment, a bar in each room, private VIP screenings, 3D rooms, and stadium seats to maximize the experience offered by their amazing audio equipment.

The Domus Hall is a concert hall that is also extremely famous. It is located directly on top of the Manaira mall itself.  They host exhibitions, numerous cultural events and especially live concerts. There are also private rooms inside the hall for experiencing events with friends or family only. Each private room is insulated with acoustic protection to keep the experience truly secluded.

The amusement park within the mall is spacious and hosts well over 200 games to suit the needs of the young and the old alike. The bowling alley is where Roberto can often been seen. Roberto is an avid bowler and a sports fan. In fact Roberto Santiago has a large number of trophies that he won from motocross events and kart championships that he won all over South America. View more on Polemica Paraiba

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