Sightsavers: Saving the World’s Vision

Humans take for granted so many of our physical gifts, eyesight being at the top of the list. Imagine if you were blind and this tragedy of life was curable. Dream for a moment you had the money to restore your vision, but there was no money available.


Sightsavers has brought the worlds attention to the severe plight of the poor. Over the last sixty years, the organization has treated over two hundred million people. Seven million operations performed to save sight for those unable to pay.


Constant training of teachers, volunteers, and surgeons to help those in desperate need. Partners use home visits and eye clinics to diagnose those with treatable conditions. The more severe cases are referred to surgeons and doctors more capable of handling the diseases.


Sightsavers mission, with their worldwide partners, help the poor in over thirty countries. The organization tries to reach the poorest in South Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Volunteers are trained to distribute eye saving drugs to those in need. These community volunteers are given the tools to determine correct dosage and record keeping.

The founders of Sightsavers, Sir John, and Lady Jean Wilson were shocked at the scale of blindness in the world. At the age of twelve, John Wilson was blinded at school by a chemical explosion. After that life-changing event, he dedicated his life to improving those that needed help, but could not afford it.


1969, seven blind men from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania scaled Mount Everest. This was a demonstration to the world what blind persons could achieve. 2012, Sightsavers set up the Global Trachoma Mapping Project. Mobile phones could be used to collect and transmit data about this debilitating eye disease.


2013, Sightsavers calls for the global development of all those with disabilities. A twenty thousand signature petition was signed and sent to the prime minister of Great Britain.

Remarkably in 2017 Sightsavers celebrated its one billionth treatment for tropical diseases. This averages 4.59 procedures every second.

Sightsavers gives back to those of us that need help the most.

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