Super Lawyer Bruce Katzen Believes In Justice

Bruce Katzen is a lawyer based out of Miami. He is known for his success in the fields of life insurance disputes, guardianship disputes, financial fraud and many more. He is the Chairman of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group.



Born in Miami in the year 1984, Bruce Katzen concentrates in the legal cases pertaining to probate, trust and guardianship disputes, and commercial litigations that include corporate matters, securities. He developed his interests in law and justice early into his career.



Recently Bruce Katzen won a $1.6 million lawsuit against Wells Fargo due to non-payment of fees.

The lawsuit originated when Bruce Katzen took the case of Hunter Wolk, who was 20-year old at the time. The case filed at Miami-Dade Circuit Court stating that Aunt of Wolk, Lois Kritchman, directed her trust fund to pay for Hunter Wolk’s college education which she paid for two years. It is Wells Fargo who was supervising the joint trust of Lois Kirtchman and her son, William Kritchman. Wells Fargo declined payment for Hunter Wolk’s Education. It was in 2011 when Bruce Katzen sued Wells Fargo and compelled them to pay for Hunter Wolk’s education.

The legal proceedings were getting ugly and stretched during which Bruce Katzen filed 13 motions against Wells Fargo for the sanction of money purposefully and knowingly withheld. Finally, considering the evidence, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Cueto’s verdict was that Wells Fargo breached policy and protocol and was compelled to make a payment of $60,000 each and not from the trust



It is evident from the comments of Bruce Katzen that the behavior of the professionals is unacceptable. They lacked a basic conscience since the day the lawsuit was filed. He also mentioned that the corporations looked out for each other rather than looking after the interests of the beneficiary.



He started his career as a trained public accountant, and with time he got inclined towards the complexities of fraud in the financial sector. With the understanding of financial issues and loopholes in the system, he could quickly and more precisely analyze witnesses and opposition so that he could advance his client’s side in the winning direction.


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