The amazing works of Hussain Sajwani

Long before Hussain Sajwani was known for his real estate success, he had ventured the food service business sector where he serviced the military of the USA as well as renown construction companies. He then later founded the DAMAC limited. This amazing company deals with construction of residential, commercial, leisure and wellness facilities and real estate business. DAMAC has its headquarters in the Middle East at the prestigious country of Dubai.


The founder of this famous company started his career by first graduating from University of Washington and thereafter joined GASCO as a contract manage. Mr. Sajwani ventured in catering business after leaving GASCO and his passion in business prompted him to pioneer expansion of property market in his beloved city of Dubai. In 1990 the number of business people visiting Emirates hiked and this made Hussain Sajwani to expand his catering business by building more hotels to serve the ever increasing clients. His catering business grew tremendously and in the year 2002 Mr. Sajwani established DAMAC limited to take care of various gaps in the market. DAMAC has since grown to be one of the most developed companies in the Middle East.


As the CEO of DAMAC properties limited Vijay concentrates more in marketing, legal issues, sales, finance and administration. Under his leadership this company has been able to employ over two thousand workers in its various branches. Analysts say that DAMAC is classified as the best luxury property in the fast growing Middle East countries. In the year 2013 DAMAC signed a contract with his Excellency the president of United States of America Donald Trump. (During that time.


President Trump was a renowned business tycoon at the time they entered into an engagement with DAMAC. DAMAC constructed major golf courses with Mr. Trump’s brand, famous Hotels, Damac Akaya Residential suites among other Trumps golf courses. When Mr. Trump took office as president in 2017 he praised Mr. Hussain Sajwani for his dedication in business and promised to continue working closely with him. The Hussain Sajwani family and president Trump have maintained their friendship.


DAMAC limited in the able hands of its founder Hussain Sajwani has contributed to charity with the aim of improving the lives of less fortunate in the society. The company has given out millions of AED to Emirates Red Crescent to provide clothes to needy children.


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