The Crazy Story Of Evolution Of Smooth

How Evolution Of Smooth Became A Breakout Hit

Evolution of Smooth is a very strange success story. It started out as a brand of lip balm in what is generally considered a mature market. Nobody believed there was any room for growth in lip balm and nobody was willing to even try to challenge that theory. This wasn’t the case of Evolution of Smooth. Founded in 2007, the creators of EOS lip balm decided they wanted to do everything they could to challenge commonly held ideas about lip balm.

The Social Media Craze

Lip balm was a poorly understood product. Many people assumed that men and women used lip balm at similar rates and that customers were naturally loyal to specific brands. The marketing research conducted by Evolution of Smooth proved this was not the case. Most customers were in fact women and there was no apparent loyalty. This gave the brand an opening into the market. By making themselves the first people to truly market their lip balm, they were going to give themselves an edge over the competition. With current sales in the millions it’s easy to see how this paid off.

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

The future appears to be bright for Evolution of Smooth. The company is currently stretching outside of lip balm and reaching into other markets. There are now Evolution of Smooth shaving creams and lotions available for customers that want to see more from the company. Other products are likely to be seen in the future as well. This brand has managed to make itself one of the 50 most popular brands on Facebook among Millennial women. Hopefully, this will continue into the future and make Evolution of Smooth one of the most well remembered brands out on the market.

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