WEN By Chaz: The Thoughtful No Lather Shampoo Alternative

Beauty products and their routines change from decade to decade, but for some strange reason, shampoos and conditioners stubbornly never seemed to evolve until Wen hair came along.

West coast stylist Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair, its structure and how it responds to products. That’s why he carefully developed his world-famous WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo system. It’s modern hair cleansing and conditioning through the expert blend of herbal and plant based extracts.

WEN says you don’t need a lather for washing hair, because the sudsy action is formed through harsh chemicals and detergents. These nasty additives appear in most hair care products available in stores, and they gradually weaken the hair, causing potential damage and robbing tresses of their natural oils.

WEN By Chaz is thoughtful hair care that improves the condition of any mane and any hair type on the planet. Pin straight, curly, wavy, thick, fine, frizzy, heavily bleached, WEN can treat and heal, strengthen and shine all hair.

Massaging WEN’s unique cleansing conditioner into the scalp and hair is a rich experience. The formula feels great and bathes the hair in natural goodness, like Bamboo Water Complex, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Pomegranate Extracts. Hair becomes nourished, stronger, fuller, glossier and softer and all without a lather.

Chaz Dean even offers a Fragrance-Free Riced Based Cleansing Conditioner full of four-tea, amino and bamboo water complexes. He understands that some people prefer non-artificial fragrances, and that’s why he developed another choice in his amazing cleansing conditioner line-up.

Modern hair care doesn’t require lather for thorough washing anymore. Those days are gone. Women really care about the products they are applying to their hair and faces. WEN By Chaz has leveled the playing field with healthy formulas based on nature’s goodness. Wen hair care products are available on retail stores such as QVC and Sephora nationwide.

Feel the WEN difference.

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  1. Finley Emanuel

    When talking about some of the fashion needs of our world today, you cannot remove the implications of health from the discuss. Although cheap essays online focus on the marketing impact, more of the expertise that Chaz reveal show that they are on the top flight. This will have greater impart in the coming years seeing that the prospect is very likely to follow the trends.

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