Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App Platform

Whitney Wolfe is definitely changing the way that people look at dating. She is doing her own thing when it comes to the dating app world, and she has been quite successful in creating a powerful dating app for he number of single women that have been looking for change.

Whitney Wolfe knows what she is doing when it comes to dating apps because she already had a strong app user base with Tinder. This is a company that she co-founded, and many people had embraced what Whitney Wolfe was doing.

She became a leader with this dating app, and now Bumble is the new thing that Whitney Wolfe is challenging single women to consider. This is a dating app that changes the way that women date because it gives them a chance to take the lead.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that the dating app industry can be fun with the innovation that she has created. Bumble is an app that borrows a little bit from Tinder and Snapchat. There are some concepts that may be similar to things that are on Facebook. This is the great thing about the apps that are created by Whitney Wolfe. She does not box herself in and do something that looks identical to one specific app. She collects data and does her research in order to build a dating app environment that looks familiar, but it is certainly different from everything else that is out there.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to challenge herself to create a feminist app where women have the chance to take control. She has been applauded for her innovation and her desire to give women the voice in the dating app industry that they never have before. Whitney Wolfe has been inspired by the number of women that have voiced their desire to have the dating app that allows women to make the first move. This is something that is suddenly becoming a very important concept for women that have grown tired of the traditional dating apps. Whitney Wolfe has truly taken time to improve dating app platforms.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe

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